Electric traction system fault

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Hi all, had my Astra hybrid ultimate since July 23, had various glitches but the latest one I've got currently is Electric Traction System Fault which means I can only drive the car in hybrid mode with the engine on all the time or in sport mode but not in full electric, anyone experienced this? I can't get it in the dealership until early Jan.

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I've had the warning saying "Electric mode currently unavailable" displayed in the instrument panel, which automatically changes to Hybrid mode. Had to drive a few miles for it to change back to electric .The following is taken from the Peugeot 308 user manual which is a lot more informative than the Vauxhall manual. (Same car basically).
Conditions of activation: Adequate battery charge level, outside temperature between -5 c and 45 c. Manually exiting the mode: Fully depress the accelerator pedal. Incase of non-use of the vehicle for a long period (several months), a restart of the petrol engine may occur even if the battery is charged. In the event of multiple starts of the internal combustion engine without a sufficient rise in temperature, Electric mode may be temporarily unavailable (natural phenomenon of dilution of fuel in oil). The message " Electric mode unavailable: automatic operation in progress" will appear in the instrument panel. To regain normal electrical operation, drive approximately 50 miles (80 km) in motorway conditions or approximately 125 miles (200 km) in urban conditions. This phenomenon does not cause any mechanical or electrical damage. It can occur several times in the life of the vehicle.
I'm not sure if this is the same fault that you have.
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