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Post by JPNR »

Hi guys,

I bought an Astra that doesn't bring the Confort Pack (heated windscreen, ventilated and massage seats, heated back seats). Is it possible to update it in the future?

I know that it affects the panel, as it needs the analog buttons, or maybe it could be done via screen with retrofit. The same question goes to retrofit the electric boot.

Thanks for your help!

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Post by lfin386 »

Are you sure you bought an Astra L ? as far as I am aware there is no "comfort pack" available. None of the features you mention (except heated windscreen which is fitted to Ultimate) seem to be options.
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Post by kzaruz »

Not sure about any packs, I only know of the 3 models.

To get a heated windscreen, you need to have the Ultimate model. For the other three features (ventilated+massage front seats and heated rear seats), these come with the Nappa leather seats - no other way of getting it.
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