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When I ordered my car unfortunately I did not think about this and it looked extremely pricey to add a towbar upgrade. £600+vat.

Also I had some old informations that PHEV, hybrid and EV cars are not really suitable for towing.

But now I found a cheap light weight caravan.
I called Vauxhall but they told me they don't fit towbars.
My questions are:

Anybody has a towbar on the car and used it?
Does the warranty affected of I put an aftermarket towbar onto my car?
Am I able to pull a 1000kg caravan around the country?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

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I have the Astra GS ST plug in hybrid which can tow 1300KG, if you have the hatchback then its 1350 KG I think.

I had the tow bar from new. I think the kit is supplied by the factory but actually fitted by the dealer (Scarborough Vauxhall)

This arrangement is so that they don't have to test multiple configurations of cars for emissions etc.

The car tows better than my previous 2L Diesel Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.

With my caravan , approx 1200KG I was actually able to tow on electric alone along hilly Devon roads for over 10 miles, keeping up with the speed limits.

On Petrol alone it was achieving around 30MPG.

I can recommend the car as a tow car!
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It is just unbelievable and ridiculous.
I called 3 vauxhall dealership. Non of them fit towbars. They do not provide the parts either.
The said I have to go to towbar specialists.
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Strange, can order from new with it but not retrofit it. Doesn't make sense when @pxprogrammer had his done in a dealer
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