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Help Needed

My wife & I have been involved in Mini Clubs & runs, all over the UK.
With the popularity of the Scottish North Coast 500, we have been exploring other areas that we can make great driving routes.
We recently completed the Kintyre 66, which is 66 miles, exploring the Mull of Kintyre, with spectacular views, historic locations, and windy roads, with undulations of 14%, sea level to 380 feet, which my Astra loved!
We are almost complete on a Skye 220, but we always want to drive it first, speak to locals, and make sure roads are suitable, and find interesting places to recommend.
What I would like help with. is:

1/. What makes a great driving route, a Great Drive’?

2/. What kind of things are people interested in (history, scenic stops, bike routes, adventure areas, family activities, cafes/restaurants etc)?

3/. Should we include hotels, or would you stick to your normal app to book?

Also, if you are aware of set run routes in other parts of the country, could you please let me know, so I can include them.

I would be very grateful for your views, so I can include all age ranges, and groups.
Many thanks!

*A few photos of the Kintyre 66 route








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This is sounds great. I'm jealous that we have that much time to drive around yet.
But I look forward to see your recommendations and trip reviews.
Also it would be nice to hear about Vauxhall how does it cope with hills and valleys. If you have a Plug-in hybrid then I would like to know did you able to recharge much battery during downwards ?
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Really like this. Great photos
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