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Hi all, I've been trying to locate the individual tyre pressures on the display panel on my 22 plate Astra gs line so I can keep an eye on the individual pressures. Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi Maka13
I don't think that it has the individual tyre pressures, it only shows in the driver's screen if a tyre has started to deflate. Here is what the user manual says:

"Tyre deflation detection
The tyre deflation detection system
continually checks the rotation speed
of all four wheels and warns on low
tyre pressure condition once vehicle
is driving. This is achieved by
comparing tyre rolling circumference
with reference values and further
If a tyre loses pressure the control
indicator sign illuminates and a warning
message is displayed in the Driver
Information Centre.
In this case reduce speed, avoid
sharp cornering and strong braking.
Stop at next safe opportunity and
check tyre pressure."
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