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Hello folks

First of all please forgive my naivety with cars. I literally know very little about them.
I recently bought a 1.7 Astra CDTI for 5K
It keep losing power and the engine light keeps going on and off.

2 mechanics have worked on it so far and tried to address two issues: P00c7 - Intake Air Pressure Management System ( multiple sensors not plausible History & P0299 Engine under boost - current history

The first mechanic replaced Turbo Pressure Control Valve..... it didn't work
The second mechanic replaced the Map didn't work. He also spotted the little piston for the wastegate I think, twitching and said he didn't know why it was doing that.
The Map sensor thing worked for 20 mins and then all of a sudden the engine light is back on and the power loss is back.

I'm at my wits end with this as I know little about cars and also I have a boy with disabilities that I need to transport about.

If I've posted this in the wrong place I apologise. Please help.


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