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Post by Nandos23 »

I’ve had a hybrid Astra L GS Line since June 2022, and have slowly been getting stupidly frustrated over range.
Has anyone else noticed when the battery has run down, that the range on the fuel disappears disproportionately to the miles covered, and the mpg of the journey?
For example, I’ve driven 4 miles, averaging 40mpg but losing nearly 40 miles in range. At times, I’d lose 6 miles of range within a few hundred yards of moving.
I’m a pretty considerate driver, I don’t press the foot down, but I’m finding the range a real annoyance!
Not noticed anyone else mention this so wondering if anyone has noticed this?

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Post by Spiral2 »

I think it's pretty standard - the petrol part of the gauge only seems accurate when you have charge in the battery. I've noticed even when in hybrid mode, with the petrol engine whirring away (and the numbers on the dashboard being in white), the battery still goes down slowly. I guess it still uses it for a little extra "oomph" up hills. Going downhill it will often turn blue, i.e. run on battery only for a bit.

My old car, a petrol Corsa 1.4, had a bigger fuel tank and weighed several hundred kg less than the Astra. It used to max out at around 410 miles on its display (and would do that if you drove at around 50mph tops, as I did during the last petrol station crisis), so I don't expect the 447 that my Astra showed this morning will be anything like that in reality... my rule of thumb is assume the max is 2/3rds of the display and you won't be disappointed.

EDIT: I should mention that the only time the battery ever gets close to zero is during my occasional 106-mile trips that I make - I always set a battery reserve in the settings though. It might be worth trying that, as it could eke out a bit more range?
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Post by aTOMBristol »

I have exactly the same issue with my ST PHEV GS line.
This cold weather the battery range went down from 37 miles to 24.
If I drive the car in pure hybrid mode with 0% battery then the mpg goes ridiculously low. Like 30-35 mpg.
It is so frustrating that after display says 0% the. I don't know the exact "reserved" battery capacity so I cannot adjust my driving style to safe fuel.
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Post by Nandos23 »

I feel I need to chill out about it sometimes, but it does get so ridiculous on some journies.

Last night I had used all the battery on the way out, so started a 26 mile journey home with 0% battery and 360 petrol range.

On full hybrid mode the car did 44 mpg but lost nearly 100 mile in petrol range. Turned the car on this morning to 267 mile range.

I did have an issue about a month after having the car, where the petrol range dropped from 440 miles to 100 miles without the car moving. I took it into the garage and they couldn’t find an issue.

I get that the range is based on current mpg and distance so will always change, but I’d imagine that technology to determine range had improved more that just knocking 100 miles off over a 26 mile trip!

Maybe it’s time to take it for a check.
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Post by Xero »

Range will be based off lifetime or recent averages. The system won't be keeping track of a drained battery to estimate a petrol only range, although it would have been nice given the limited range on battery power.
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