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Post by Cram »

Who's getting what per gallon, I've got the 1.2 petrol with the automatic gearbox and during the warmer summer months I was getting in the region of 42-43 mpg but now in the cooler temperature im only getting around 38, what's everyone else getting per gallon.

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Post by Xero »

I commute 50 miles a day to work in a GSe. In hybrid mode I'm seeing it often hit the 100 mpg mark when in steady traffic. When the road is clearer and I'm driving with a bit more "enthusiasm", it drops to around 55 mpg. Only caveat is keeping the battery topped up daily. Had one trip with an empty battery which dropped to around 45 mpg.
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Post by Kieran1903 »

1.6 Phev here

Hybrid mode on the commute to work, 98MPG

Between 40-50 MPG when the battery is drained.
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Post by srscott44 »

The diesel is getting me around 45mpg. Can get it into the 50's on a longer run but a lot of the driving is shorter runs.
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Post by Nandos23 »

I got 44 mpg with a drained battery and in hybrid mode on the way home last night.

One thing frustrating me is that I had done 26 miles but lost nearly 100 miles in range…


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