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I have just activated this new ChatGPT in my Astra in which you can ask it any questions, even asking it to tell a joke.
You need to activate it in the myvauxhall app or the Vauxhall Web site.
Below is taken from the Vauxhall site.

"Vauxhall is testing the integration of SoundHound Artificial Intelligence powered by ChatGPT. This pilot program is open to the first 5000 eligible subscribers starting from February 7th 2024 until August 7th 2024. You can use the service with no additional cost for the maximum of 6 months and without any commitment to continue after the pilot program."

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Thank you for the heads up. I have enabled it through the APP, hadn't seen it before.

It seems odd that the data it holds is only up until Jan 2022?

I will see if it activates quicker than the navigation which took weeks :D
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I'm all into as much tech as I can play with so was all over this!
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