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Astra 1.6 (2016)

I have a quick question to the floor.

This morning whilst turning right at a T-Junction. I had to stop and then use 1st gear to pull away.

Once successfully driving away from the turn. I sensed a loss of power. As I was by now in 2nd gear and there was no umph! Yet I could hear my engine (it wasn't revving itself to death)

I pulled over and had a quick check of things, definitely no fault indications on my dash. Revved the engine just to confirm the engine was running.

So pulled away again and I can definitely state there is acceleration in 1st gear. But once I was into 2nd gear I was restricted to no more than 18mph. Luckily by now I had reached my car park!

Once in the carpark, I switched off the engine gave it 60 secs and restarted and took for a quick spin around the carpark. I think it may have resolved itself, but need to go and take car for a proper drive to see if all is back to normal again.

So my question is, what could have caused this error and hoping its just a glitch

Any info or similar experience is greatly appreciated


UPDATE - After a full restart, so engine off (being at work I couldn't look into the matter for 2hrs) Restarted and all seems to be ok again

So is this some Engine Managed System error - caused by what though?

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